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🕳🐇 😊 I never been able to articulate what I’m trying to get across when it comes to “conspiracies” I can only lay out steps to get to where I am in the conversation and continue with what I was saying. But man I can really see the paradigm Shift in full effect The Queens are Teaching the Kings and Kings Learning how to play our Powerful Position and THEIR and I mean THEIR as the Occult Powers in control (Occult and hidden is the same word) Secrets are getting exposed (that weakens them because they don’t operate in darkness that is US ; they are the Darkness and Exposing brings in LIGHT) and knowledge on higher vibrations ,eating healthy ,reading energies , protecting Light are becoming wide spread knowledge and conversation among the Tribe(the Tribe is the mfs that don’t wanna see you fall!) and that’s great in the sense of awakening and growing closer to moving to the Galactic Alliance but with Out Action there will be no gain , Meditate , if you smoke cigarettes go get some Herbs like Damiana it’s way cheaper than cigarettes legal and healthy also a better taste, *side note* mixes well with ⛽️😌, also hug the people you got love for fr mfs be needin hugs , and a plethora of other things it’s a process a recipe one thing leads to another just like everything else let’s Go Up like we Spose to not how THEY want us too. Love ❤️ and Light 💡

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