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Seeds Of life

not all plants grow everywhere . An area's temperature and climate factor greatly in the plant's chances of success. If you live in a northern region, for example, you'll have trouble growing a plant native to a tropical rainforest. When you pick out seeds to plant, do a little research to make sure the plant species does well in your area.

The time of year you plant seeds is determined by both the plant's needs and your growing region. If you live in a place with long, cold winters, you may need to wait until mid-Spring to plant your seeds. If you live in a place that warms up early in the year, you can start earlier

The way you sow your seeds is depending on you're growing

As the seeds sprout , give it direct sunlight

If you timed the planting right, the seedlings will be ready to transplant in time for the growing season Water and fertilize

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